Aji Ed and Milivoj Vela from Nokia; Dr. Nizar Zorba, Dr. Ridha Hamila and Dr. Lazhar Ben-Brahim, Professors at the College of Engineering, Qatar University.

Qatar University and Nokia have co-hosted a special session on 5G technology and its use within the telecom and IoT (Internet of Things) sector for its College of Engineering students on 19th October at the university campus.

Attended by its female engineering students, Aji Ed, Head of Technology for Middle East and Africa, Nokia, and Milivoj Vela, Technology Vision and Innovation Lead, Nokia, presented the basics for 5G technology and how it would be used for the better user experience and efficient use of technology.

Some of the topics covered included:

Mobile networks today and motives for introducing 5G
5G technical aspects, 5G standardisation status and 5G use cases
Early 5G field tests and future 5G business considerations

Aji Ed of Nokia, said, “We were very happy and excited to present the case for 5G to a room full of students that were knowledgeable and interested in the technology that they would need to leverage for their roles in the community of the future. It is an exciting time for us at Nokia to share our insights to empower the youth of today, especially encouraging more women to come into the technology sector.”

Dr. Nizar Zorba, Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Qatar University, said, “The presentations were useful with latest updates on 5G, and we thank the Nokia experts for taking time out of their schedule to talk to our students and share insights into the technologies of the near future.”

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