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81Zygarlp4L._SL1500_When you hear the term “fitness tracker” there’s a good chance Fitbit comes immediately to mind. 

In the same way that Kindle has become shorthand for “e-reader,” Fitbit has become popular enough to become synonymous with an entire product category. 

They rarely go on sale, but right now you can get $40 off Fitbit’s Flex 2, $30 off the Alta, $20 off the Charge HR 2, and $50 of the Blaze.

If you want more information on which one will work best for you, take a look at our breakdown below.

Fitbit Flex 2


What it is: Fitbit Flex 2

Cost: $59.95 (originally $99.95) [You save $40]Who’s it for: The most basic wearable Fitbit, the Flex 2 can track your track your movements all day, and your sleep at night. Instead of a screen, five LEDs illuminate on the Flex 2’s face to show you how much progress you’ve made. Those same lights will flash each time you get a notification. If you want more granular information about your workout, you can find it through Fitbit’s app.

Although it’s their slimmest option, you can remove the fitness tracker from the Flex 2 and fit it into a band, bangle, or pendant. Although it’s basic, this is a good option for people who want an inexpensive way to track their steps and sleep without spending a lot of money.


Fitbit Alta

What it is: Fitbit Alta

Cost: $99.95 (originally $129.95) [You save $30]Who’s it for: A step up from the Flex 2, the Alta has a mini touch-sensitive screen that can give you information about your steps and calories burned at a glance. 

Using its sensors, the Alta automatically knows when you’ve started to exercise and can give you more accurate information about your workout. In addition to tracking your sleep, you can also use the Alta’s silent alarms to wake you up in the morning. 

Although the screen is small and basic it can display calls, texts, and calendar events so you don’t have to check your phone in the middle of a workout. 

If you’re looking for a more fully-featured fitness tracker with some light smartwatch functionality, the Fitbit Alta is a good choice.


Fitbit Charge HR 2

What it is: Fitbit Charge HR 2

Cost: $129.95 (originally $149.95) [You save $20]Who’s it for: With a larger screen and a built-in heart rate monitor, the Charge HR 2 is Fitbit’s most feature-rich, traditional-looking fitness band. 

Using its heart rate monitor, the Charge 2 HR can give you even more accurate information about your workout; it can also be used to take you through a guided breathing exercise to help bring your heart rate down.

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Other sensors in the Charge 2 can track different types of exercise and connect to your phone’s GPS.

If you’re looking to document highly accurate information about your workouts, the Charge HR 2 is probably the right option.


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