Warning: There are some spoilers ahead for “Warcraft.”

If you head out to see “Warcraft” this weekend — Legendary’s take on the popular Blizzard video game series — you may spot a familiar face near the end of the movie.

Glenn Close shows up in a cameo so brief, you may turn to the person next to you in theaters and ask if that really is the Oscar-nominated actress in a video game movie.

You may have even spotted her in some TV spots for the movie.

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So how did Close wind up in the “Warcraft” movie?

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The answer’s quite simple. Director Duncan Jones just asked and she said yes.

“I’m very fortunate that I’m very slowly but surely getting to a point in my career where I can invite people that I’m a huge fan of to sort of come and do things like that,” director Duncan Jones tells Tech Insider. “I was able to get Kevin Spacey to work on my first film, ‘Moon.’ I was able to get Scott Bakula to come and do a cameo for ‘Source Code,’ and now, obviously I had the chance to get Glenn Close to come in and do a cameo on this film.”

Close goes uncredited in the film, though IMDB credits her as Alodi, a half-elven male guardian in the series’ universe, meaning the movie flipped the character’s gender.

“It’s just one of those little enjoyable luxuries of being a director on a movie is you get to work with the people you rally admire,” Jones adds. “She knew I was a fan of hers and she likes my movies and was willing to come and do a day of work with us.”

It’s not clear whether Close is a “Warcraft” fan, too, but that could also be a possibility.

“Warcraft” is in theaters now.

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