Paytm's new ad targeting demonetization ignites debate about India's cashless society

Paytm’s new ad targeting demonetization ignites debate about India’s cashless society

In the aftermath of India’s bold move to demonetize its most circulated currency notes, mobile wallet apps are witnessing an unprecedented growth. Naturally, they are going above and beyond with marketing to tap new users to go cashless. But top player Paytm may have gone too far over the weekend with one such ad. 

The company posted a scripted ad in which a woman explains the difficulties invalidation and shortage of cash has imposed on her and millions of people alike. How do they pay maids who typically accept only hard paper cash? She adds, “Sure you didn’t care about us, but you [government] should have at least thought about such people [maid]”. To which, her maid promptly cuts her short in the middle and says, “stop the drama, Paytm karo“. (Paytm karo is the app’s punchline in Hindi, which translates to “Use Paytm”.)

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