GATFLUENCE, a creative event series concept gathering influencers and charity, is launching in Dubai. Supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation ® UAE, an affiliate of Make-A-Wish International, this concept is the charity’s first affiliation in the UAE. It is the brainchild of Annalies Collins, Rania El Sadek and Mel DeBarge. talks to Rania El Sadek and Annalies Collins, Founders, GATFLUENCE to learn more about this philanthropic endeavour.

What is the main idea behind Gatfluence?

We started Gatfluence as a means to bring people together in an exciting way for a special cause; Make a Wish. We wanted to be innovative in the region with the way we host our events by putting emphasis on cool music, location and the people we attract. Make a Wish is such an extraordinary foundation and we wanted to be involved in giving back to children who need it the most.

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How do you describe the philanthropic efforts in the UAE?

It is exciting to see that philanthropy is growing in the UAE with some amazing local foundations.  With that being said, these great efforts are being made, but the value of philanthropy is not yet engraved as a normality to people here, the same way it is in the US or Europe. We want to be involved in educating people in the UAE on the importance of giving back and how it should be an active part of everyone’s life, big or small.


What is the added value that your concept will bring to the country?

The added value is being able to grant the wishes of children who are in need of hope and happiness. The joy we are giving to these children adds tremendous value to the people of the UAE as they will be active in bettering the lives of the people around them who need it. As a society, it’s special to be a part of something great together.


How are you collaborating with Make-A-Wish Foundation?

We have built this relationship with Make A Wish because we believe in the values of the foundation. The proceeds of the events we will be hosting go directly to the foundation.

Give us more details on your first event “Love & Light

Our first event, Love & Light, will be hosted on the 20th of May at Novikov Dubai where special prizes will be won and a special celebrity guest will perform and dine with us. Dubai’s social elite will be attending along with the progressive philanthropists. It will be a fun night for sure and a great opportunity for like-minded people to meet.

What are your expectations for GATFLUENCE in the coming years?

We expect a warm response to the concept because it is fun and fresh and we think people will be really excited to take part in the foundation. We expect Gatfluence to host a lot more events and continue collaborating with Make A Wish and who knows, maybe some more foundations.