• Right Bite gives back to charity with its Ramadan Package
  • Each Ramadan meal plan subscriber to receive special gift made by persons with disabilities from Dubai-based social enterprise Enable


Ramadan is upon us and healthy meal plan pioneer Right Bite has cooked up a special package that will ensure you better health and more energy during a full month’s fast.

Right Bite’s Ramadan Meal Plan is an exclusive customized package that features a menu complete and balanced in nutrients to sustain you during the long hours of fasting.  While fasting has positive impacts on our health, some people fail to take advantage of its benefits mainly because of overeating and the tendency to eat the wrong foods.

Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director of The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C., said, “Ramadan is a time for families and friends to gather for celebratory dinners and traditionally, these are large spreads, which are often filled with tempting fried foods and overly sweet desserts.  Our bespoke Ramadan program will keep you away from high-calorie, high-fat dishes; it will keep you healthy and fuelled up, it will prevent you from gaining weight, and it will provide you the convenience you long for especially on days you are pressed for time shopping and cooking for your Suhour and Iftar meals.”

The Ramadan package includes a complete Iftar set of dried fruits, beverage, soup, side dish, main dish and dessert, along with a Suhour meal consisting of beverage, fruit and main entrée.  The meals are perfectly-portioned and calorie-counted based on each person’s dietary needs.  Customers can order the FULL Ramadan package with the Iftar and Suhour sets, or they can opt to subscribe for the Iftar meal plan only.

“Fasting comes with a challenge especially since we’re doing it in the scorching summer heat.  We at Right Bite not only aim to make fasting a breeze, but more importantly we want to make sure you enjoy the health benefits of being on our Ramadan meal plan.  You’ll be sure to cut down on unhealthy snacking, you’ll learn to eat in moderation, you’ll enjoy a variety of foods that offer plenty of nutritional benefits – all these will help you adopt healthier eating habits for long term weight management,” Nathalie added.


Right Bite, as part of its deep commitment to support worthy causes, is also adding a charitable twist to its Ramadan Package.  The company has partnered with Enable, a Dubai-based social enterprise group that offers a range of quality home and garden products assembled by well-trained persons with disabilities (PWDs). Ramadan meal plan subscribers will be gifted by Right Bite with a beautiful indoor plant arrangement made by Enable’s special talents.  For every product bought by Right Bite from Enable, 15% of the revenue will go back to the special talent who created it to further empower his/her ability and 85% goes to the organization to help them create more job opportunities for PWDs.

A peek at the beautiful indoor plant arrangements made by Enable’s special talents, which will be given by Right Bite as gifts to all Ramadan meal plan subscribers.


“This partnership with Enable makes our Ramadan Package even more meaningful to us at Right Bite.  Not only are we able to look after our customer’s health and well-being during Ramadan, but equally important, we are embracing the season’s spirit of giving and helping people with special needs live purposeful lives as productive members of the society,” Nathalie concluded.

The Right Bite Nutrition Centre is located in the heart of Dubai, with telephone numbers +971 4 3388763 and +971 4 3425208.


About The Right Bite Nutrition Centre

Right Bite is a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service.  A pioneer in advocating healthy eating habits, Right Bite is dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through educated food choices, and by providing customised meal packages that are results-oriented, convenient and flavourful.  Right Bite works with the best medical and culinary experts to ensure that eating healthier becomes a way of life for its customers. Its on-demand delivery service, Right Bite Express, was recently awarded with a Full Restaurant Certification by the Dubai Municipality in line with its Eat Healthy, Live Healthy campaign, earning the right to use the Municipality’s Healthy Food Logo on its menu card.