Sauce did a fashion show in the middle of the Gold Souk. The models showed regional designers work with a wink to Egypt amongst tables and visitors.

The city is your runway just got a new take in Dubai thanks to this show! 


Yesterday we travelled back in time to Café Helwa Ya Baladi, inspired by the old cafes of the all-time favourite black & white Egyptian movies.

zayan the label

As part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, Sauce x Streetway fashion show revealed what is in the store in the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district. The Gold Souk is a traditional market, which consists of over 300 retailers that trade almost exclusively in Jewellery from the late 1930s.

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk

Everyone gathered in anticipation while Arabic tea, red rose drinks and traditional Arabic sweets were served to tables. Centerpieces of Foul moudamas cans decorated with heads of garlic attracted our attention. Saidi Egyptian band playing their TEF instruments opening the show with heavy beats to our ears. Brand Ambassador Deema Al Asadi dressed impeccably with one of Zayan´s creation was entertaining and greeting everyone.

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk

The models and their outfits symbolized the traditional Saidi of Egypt. A big gold coin hoop antique earring while holding a cane dance stick and carrying a bread basket was all it took to steal the show.  Baladi Galabeyas, belly dancer headscarfs, abayas and shawls around the waist in a modern twist.

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk

Dominating the scene were also sequined dresses, flowy skirts, and jumpsuits.  Flirtatious flower embroidery long chiffon dresses reminded us that Spring is almost here. Ruffles and open cold shoulder dresses just took us away in the most romantic way with San Valentine just around the corner. Designers like All Things Mochi, Bedouin, Hafsa lodi, Arwa Al Banawi, Bleach, Designer Empire, Nora Al Shaikh, Princess Design, Vafa Adams,  Hayv, Les Bois De Perle, Dee by Dalia and of course Zayan The Label were showcased in the street runway.

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk


Behind this concept stands creative designer Zayan Ghandour. This Lebanese is a force of nature. Not only she created the concept shops S*uce that are all over Dubai with different themes. She also designs all the collections of Zayan The Label.

With this runway, Zayan brings back the beautiful and chic Egyptian glamour from the old movies gathering different designers and she made us part of it in a charming atmosphere in the middle of bustling Deira at the Gold Souk. It couldn’t get more Arabic than this!

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk

Sauce at Dubai´s Gold Souk


As we expected, some of the attendees had great style. This is our photographers take on our eye catching fashionistas: Viola Zghoul, Lina Samman and Deema Al Asadi.

Lina Samman at Sauce Event at Dubai´s Gold Souk

Viola Zghoul at Sauce Event at Dubai´s Gold Souk

Deema Al Asadi in Zayan the label at Sauce Event- Dubai´s Gold Souk


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