Sedar Global, the prime leader in window fashion and wall furnishings in the GCC and MENA region, celebrates 125 years of successful business and growth.

A trade with humble beginnings, Sedar started in 1891 in Damascus as a hardware store ‘Soubhi & Sons’, founded by Soubhi Selo. Driven by ambition, the business grew to become one of the suppliers to the contractor of The Orient Express – a prime route connecting the Levant, Turkey, Egypt and ultimately Europe.

Initially, when Sedar was first established, the monitoring of retail, production, logistics and installation was personally looked over by Selo’s sons. Over the course of time, the company grew to develop a team of retailers, manufacturers, logistics and installers that managed the process. As the company continued its sturdy growth, Sedar evolved into a full-fledged company, offering swift manufacturing, delivery and installation to its clientele, along with a post-service of a decade guarantee on all their products.

Timeline of brand evolvement:

  • 1891: Soubhi & Sons established in Syria; hardware specialists
  • 1945: Soubhi & Sons, specialists in paint
  • 1975: Rebrand into Sedar – a combination of Selo and Dar (from the Arabic word ‘home’)
  • 1976: Name change to Sitar, meaning curtains and blinds, as per Syrian law regulations
  • 1978: The company moves to the UAE, allowing to revert back to the name Sedar

In the past 30 years, Sedar has rebranded three times to keep in line with the market changes. Whilst past efforts were indeed effective, the company opted to take a break from its conservative past, and, in 2015 Sedar shed its previous traditional focus to combine a simultaneously regional and classic design vernacular. Now, with the new generation at the head of the creative design team, Sedar braces itself to appeal to a more forward thinking, yet equally sophisticated international design perspective.

“We are so proud that what was once a small village hardware store, has evolved and succeeded to becoming a leader in the industry. As a result of our intricate quality, we have managed to build a strong loyalty with our consumers over the years. Our employee loyalty is just as significant, if not stronger than our consumer loyalty. It is due to the dedication of our employees that the torch of success has been able to be carried across the generations”, says Rami Selo, current COO of Sedar Global.


Sedar boasts a large number of showrooms in strategic locations in the GCC and MENA regions complemented by mobile sales teams, allowing for convenient access to all clients in all areas. Sedar imports raw materials from the finest factories in the world, and ensures that they are all environmental-friendly without producing hazardous substances during the manufacturing process. Sedar products are available in aluminum, wood, bamboo, sunscreen, and a large variety of fabrics to accommodate any design and space.

Sedar is the region’s most recognised brand in the world of fashion and soft furnishings with a heritage stemming since 1892. The Sedar brand was originally launched in the U.A.E in 1975 in the UAE so as to the window fashion industry. Sedar has showrooms in the U.A.E., K.S.A., Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, and is in the process of delving into fresh territories both within the region and beyond.