Sedar - Egypt Franchise 1Sedar, the region’s leading name in the field of window fashion since 1975, continues its expansion to maintain its number one status. In the second quarter of 2016, Sedar’s Egypt franchise is scheduled to open in Cairo Festival City. The flagship showroom is part of a series of showrooms planned for the Egyptian market. Using the complete franchise model, Sedar will showcase its world-class client journey and the exclusive Sedar shopping experience.

Originally a family business since 1892, Sedar plans to methodically expand its reach, initially bringing this unique concept to the rest of the MENA region.

The Sedar franchise program is a dynamic model, integrating five operational platforms, including retail, production, logistics, administration, and operational excellence. The franchise is built on a system of continuous improvement using Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma.

To ensure a smooth start-up and operation, the program is divided into three phases using a unique project management approach: Kick off and Activation, Implementation, followed by operations and excellence.

Sedar offers two franchise models depending on the market size and the level of investment:

The complete franchise model includes all of the five operational platforms. The total investment is estimated at USD 3.5 million with an approximate ROI of 35% to 40%. This model is applied to larger markets like Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and Turkey.

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The limited model, however, does not include the production platform. The total investment is estimated at USD 1.75 million with an approximate ROI of 28%. This model can be applied in markets like Tunisia, Senegal, Sudan, Jordan, and Lebanon.

With strong management support and with the latest technologies in fabrication, software, and quality management, Sedar aims to inspire and lead the world of window fashion.

Sedar is the region’s most popular brand in the world of window fashion and soft furnishings. With business heritage since 1892, the Sedar brand was launched in 1975 in the region to cater to the window fashion industry. For opportunities, please contact Mr. Shereef Abdelmalek, the International Franchise Manager –