A Q&A with Saygin Yalcin, Founder & CEO,


How has the used car market been performing in 2016?

Used car market has outperformed the new car business significantly it is growing faster than ever before as you may be aware, the UAE is actually the region’s trading hub in a re-export destination. Therefore, the used car market in the UAE itself is estimated to be a 2.7 billion business and is growing by 15-20% year on year, although the grey market numbers are even much higher. I anticipate is now the largest used car buyer in the country.


How is helping this market evolve? has revolutionized the way consumers can sell their cars, it guarantees to purchase any car in 30 minutes at fair market value. We have built a unique instant valuation database for any car in the world which allows you to see initial value for your car within 15 seconds. Moreover, we have built a unique market place which is a real time stock exchange for cars. In this way any consumer can now sell any car to any automotive professional via without having to worry about local conditions or the opinion of one single party. Having said that this is the fastest, easiest, and fairest way to sell your car.


The used car market in the UAE is estimated to be a 2.7 billion business and is growing by 15-20% y-o-y.

What are the reasons that could let you reject buying a certain car?

If you don’t have the right to sell the car for reasons such as you not being the owner or not having a valid power of attorney, however as our name suggests you can sell any car to us.


What strategy do you adopt to resell the purchased cars?

We have thousands of authorized international automotive professionals buying cars from us in real



What is the role that technology plays in your business?

We are a tech company; every process step is based on technology. We provide the fastest and most hassle free way to sell a car, without technology we would not be efficient.


What are your expansion plans in the next two years?

We are definitely focusing on speaking our existing network across the country. Being the fastest and most convenient car buying service, it is important to be reachable to our prospective clients within the shortest possible time, no matter what’s your location. Looking at our growth rates since launch, we are actually the largest car buyer in the UAE as of today.’s new branches are already open in Dalma Mall and Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi. The new Dubai location is at Arabian Centre.