Perhaps, Olbia is really big and chaotic city that is considered to be the central port of Sardinia. Of course, this is not the best place for relaxation and peaceful travelling. Olbia meets the big part of ferryboats from Italy and lots and lots of touristic planes from all over the world. There are many charming places here, like Piazza Regina Margherita or Corso Umberto Street, attracting people with variety of shops and cozy restaurants.

Olbia is not the best of the best place in the plan of history or popular beaches. Nevertheless, it is the best-developed city in Sardinia in the plan of infrastructure. The city is full of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, shops and entertainments. It is not like the rest of other cities of Sardinia do not have cafes and restaurants. Olbia offers a rich choice! So, it is time to name the best of the best city eating places to have dinner with kids. What do they like the most? – Of course, all kids like pizza and sweets!


La Pecora Nera

You can easily find this cafe to come here again and again. Have you ever tried a big portion of white ice-cream with cherries, or chocolate sauce, cherries, amaretto and nuts? It is very delicious! The choice of ice-cream is probably the biggest in the city. The waiters speak English; they can answer all your questions and give a full consultation about one or another dish. The sweets are hand-made and this is important.


Gelateria Smeralda

The ice-cream here is amazing, original and different every day. The cafe owners are kind and friendly people. The ice-cream is light and airy. You can feel yourself fresh and brave even after you have eaten three big balls of ice-cream. You can visit this place every day during your vacation – what a good idea! All sweets are always fresh and tasty, whichever you choose. Actually, it is hard to find another good and friendly place for your kids. Try lime and ginger ice-cream!


Il Golosone

This small restaurant looks plain and simplified. Nevertheless, the prices are cheap and the menu is rich. You should try spaghetti carbonara for 10 EUR or tasty risotto with seafood for 15 EUR. The service is high and the wine is cheap. The restaurant offers a good menu, especially for lunch. You may have dinner on a cozy terrace – the seventh heaven.

La Sartoria del Gusto

The little cozy restaurant is situated not on the way of popular touristic routs. As a matter of fact, the prices are lower and the food quality is high. There is no English menu in the restaurant. So, you can ask for chef’s advice. The dinner is going to be tasty! The restaurant’s chef is really cooking expert. You should not wait long for your dinner. The restaurant is new and shiny.

Pizzeria Dadino

The tastiest pizza in Sardinia! If you do not like pizza, you will be impressed of its tasty smell! It is hard to find another as much perfect place for your dinner as this cozy restaurant. The pizza is tastiest in whole Sardinia! It would be great to live not far from this place. Speaking about pricing policy, the prices are not high: 2 chic pizzas and 2 beers costs about 21 EUR. You know, comparing Olbia’s pizzeria with other popular eating establishments of Rome, Naples or Bologna, you have to try cheese pizza – it is the tastiest thing in the world!


Pizzeria Funchal

Come here with your family to have a nice evening in relaxed atmosphere. The pizza is unforgettable here, as Italians usually say – saporita. Everything is great! Be careful, it can be difficult to find one-two free places on Saturday evening: locals like visiting this place. The atmosphere is hot and funny. The waiters are careful, always ready to answer all your questions. The portions are huge!

GiroPizza Olbia

Obviously, the only one chance to try real Italian pizza is trying it in Italy, in a cozy local cafe, cooked by the careful hands of local chefs. You can easily miss this little cafe, as the entrance is not bright and attractive. Nevertheless, the pizza is tasty here. The prices are as much attractive as your pizza! Have you ever tried creative orange pizza with honey and oranges? Believe or not, it is really tasty! Do not miss desserts, for example della casa. Travelling through Olbia, you have to visit this place!

Il Vesuvio

The next interesting pizzeria is Vesuvio! Look at those waiters – all of them are careful and polite! What is really recommended is bruschetta! Of course, you can order a hot crispy pizza, cooked according to your special order for attractive price. This family restaurant is famous of its beautiful patio – you can easily have dinner there. What is important, there is English menu, special for English-speaking tourists. It is strange, but you order will be punctually-ready – whichever you choose, you will have a good bargain and good time. Ask for additional bonuses.


The city is not big, so, you can choose the way of travelling that you like the most. You can travel on your own, using rental car services in Olbia. You can also use bus or taxi services. These ways of travelling are cheap and comfortable in Olbia.

Rental car offices are pleased to offer a nice Fiat Punto for 55-60 EUR per day for your family. There are more than 20 rental car offices in Olbia. It is not a problem to visit the best of them, learning prices and quality. What a pleasure to travel by car through the city viewy places! Just remember, all you should know is the central city road – Corso Vittorio Veneto. The other important roads you should keep in mind are: Via Imperia, Via Sassari and Via G. Mameli.

Finally, you have a chance to drive through the most interesting street of Olbia – Via Barcellona. Planning to go in suburbs, chose the most safe and comfortable highway SS131, going around the island and sea cost.