ManageEngine, recently hosted its 7th Middle East User Conference in Dubai where it highlighted the evolving role of IT management and cybersecurity in addressing the latest developments in global cloud, networking, and security management. speaks to Raj Sabhlok, President, ManageEngine about the rise of new technologies.


How would you describe the role of IT management and cybersecurity amid this digital disruption?

Digital transformation is driving organizations of every size and type to treat IT management as a discipline, and to staff their teams with the appropriate expertise and resources. In particular, we’re seeing more specialization when it comes to IT security teams. Some team members specialize in internal security threats while others specialize in external threats. That way, the organization has full-time, IT security personnel dedicated to staying ahead of security threats and to responding swiftly in case the organization does come under attack. And all departments are adequately protected and operate under appropriate security protocols, whether the departments are customer facing or not. That’s pretty much the overarching role of IT management.


With the rise of new technologies, what are the common practices adopted by enterprises in the Middle East?

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AI is one of the most exciting new technologies in the Middle East. Enterprises in the region are looking for AI to make a big impact in their service and support, especially in their IT service management, by using AI-powered chatbots to convincingly simulate human conversation while providing front-line support. These chatbots can learn how to respond to users’ requests and predict what they want. Depending on the users’ history or points they raise during a chat session, AI-powered chatbots can ask users what they need and even ask leading questions, all to improve the support experience.


Are there any associated challenges that come with these changes?

The challenge with AI is rethinking how to redeploy the staff members who perform tasks that can now be performed by AI. Of course, the goal is to transition those people to new, higher level work. Many organizations don’t yet know what that new work will be. But they’ve seen this transition play out in the IT department before, with software automating a lot of the configuration, software maintenance, and other chores that sysadmins used to do manually. Now, those sysadmins are doing higher value work, for instance, using data analytics to make better service and operational decisions.


How are ManageEngine’s latest cloud and mobile-friendly solutions helping these enterprises?

Both our cloud and mobile technologies help enterprises operate at the speed of business, which demands that they can manage their IT infrastructure from anywhere, at anytime. Our software transforms organizations, giving them the capacity to operate 24×7 and to achieve high productivity and growth as a result.


What are your latest solutions that allow clients to adhere to global compliances including GDPR? 

Compliance with data protection laws such as the GDPR are driving companies to invest in IT management solutions that focus on security and reporting. Using the GDRP as the example, our solutions include Log 360, EventLog Analyzer, File Audit Plus, Desktop Central, ADManager Plus, ADAudit Plus, Password Manager Pro, and Key Manager Plus. In broad strokes, our software helps organizations meet the GDPR’s strict demands for the collection, storage, and processing of personal data as well as related activities such as demonstration of compliance.