By Samer Al Isis, CEO, The Poltrona Frau Group ME

2017 will redefine luxury with trends that will tell a story of authenticity and luxury. Designers are shifting away from an exclusively aesthetic approach and are starting to prioritize the fulfilling the needs of space in one’s home.

Samer Al Isis, CEO of the Poltrona Frau Group ME believes that this approach is the future of interior design and shares his thoughts on the key design trends that will take off this year.

Trend One: A luxurious balance between comfort and style

Lavish materials and Middle Eastern taste often go hand in hand. There is a much-needed balance between comfort, aesthetics and the iconic lush attributes. Although the interior design market continues to demand luxury, comfort is the key to making a space inviting.

Visual appeal is one essential component of interior design; however, it is not the only component. When designing a home, our designers always consider ways in which they can make a home an Oasis- not just aesthetically but tangibly and by creating a haven from the stress of the outside world.

To strike this balance, it is important to avoid underestimating the quality of materials.  A fine craftsman will always ensure that their product is pleasing both on the interior and the exterior.

Trend two: A collaborative approach: Curve and Colour

2017 will see an increase in the use of oversaturated natural hues, soft curved lines and organic shapes with stunning stone and marble accents are on trend.

Mood lighting is also a necessity to finish this seasons trends with a polished glow. We can expect to see more clear lines and chromatic colours schemes mimicked from Bauhaus’s style, with an enriched palette of softer pastels, accentuated with tones and textures of natural materials.

To achieve the best outcome in embracing this seasons trends with curve and colour, research is key. Follow our key designer’s such as Giulio Capellini for advice or inspiration and be sure to accent each trend with your own style, your home or office should mirror your personal flair, likes and dislikes.

Trend Three: Sentimental Space

Interior designers are further exploring different avenues of creating more personalized spaces to accommodate the needs of an individual. These curated experiences have been one of the biggest trends in interior design this year.

As we continue to embrace the ongoing evolution of change, the celebration of meaningful experiences through spaces by unique, authentic and more holistic design approach will be something to look forward to this year.

Large spaces can create more freedom to accentuate and smaller spaces require less intensity to achieve an overall look. It is important to consider how to best utilize and implement a design trend in relation to the space. Sometimes an optimum space can be completely embellished in a trending design – provided the room is designed with the big picture in mind. Other times, often- less is more and one classic piece can transform an entire room.