shutterstock_245749633Amsterdam always suffered from a persistent deficit of cheap 3-stared hotels. Of course, if money mean nothing for you, it is not difficult to strike a place to stay comfortably. Such famous luxurious hotels like Dylan in Holland, the Arts in Spain, or Georges V in France stand on their own feet. But, this kind of luxury is more expensive than most of tourists can afford.
So, where to stay in Amsterdam, spending no more than 120 pounds sterling per night? Here is the list of TOP 10 hotels in Holland capital for a cheap price.

Brouwer – £65
If your budget is more than shoestring, but you are full of hot desire to delve into the atmosphere of historical Amsterdam – you can spend your time in Brouwer Hotel that is situated on one of the nice city channels.
The hotel construction was a founded in 1652 as a captain’s house. The registration hall is still decorated with the ancient ceramic tiles and wall-painting. Hotels bedrooms front the channel. The flooring is wooden; the walls are decorated with the nice pictures of Holland painters. The place contains about 9 key rooms.

Orlando – £68
The territory takes three levels of ancient 1680 building straight at the city channel. It looks like a luxury private house for those people, who know nothing about Amsterdam.
The hotel owner, Paule Loder, ex-lawyer, furnished all bedroom elegantly: oak flooring, silk curtains. The prices can be about £70 on the first floor, about £90 – £110 for key rooms, facing to channel. The most expensive rooms cost about £117. There are 5 rooms in the hotel.

Seven Bridges – £77
300 years old building faces to one of the most colorful Amsterdam channels. The hotel name – Seven Bridges – speaks for itself, describing the view from the window in the best way. The hotel is full of chic Persian carpets, stylish lamps, desks and chairs from Louis XV and many other things.
It is a pity, but £76 is a price for only one room, which is situated on the first floor. The rest of others cost about £100. The most expensive key room, a room with the separate terrace, costs about £190. The problems of this hotel are: steep staircases, no lift. It is true, but you never mind this fact because of tasty breakfast. You may have in your room, or cozy hotel cafe. There are 11 key rooms in the building. Visit the hotel website and choose one of them.

Hotel Arena Amsterdam

Owl – £89
The hotel started working from 1970. Actually, this is a palace, situated not far from the city center. Green-beige living room, bar, breakfast hall, nice terrace – everything is clean and fresh. The key rooms are not very funny and exciting: modern furniture, old pictures, simple decoration. The biggest rooms are 26, 36, 46 and 56. They are 34, by and large.

Lloyd – £95
As it happen, all historical facts about this hotel cannot be confirmed. It says that in the last century the building was a care home for emigrants. It is a modern hotel now, with the concert hall, exhibition hall, and meeting corners. The bedrooms are non-standard of different levels. The average price for key room with a separate bathroom costs about £250.
The breakfast is usually organized in a big dining hall. The choice is wide, at a level of far more expensive city hotels. Lloyd is situated 10 minutes walking from the Central City Station. There is a special service for tourists – hiring a bike. Cars and bikes are considered to be the best selling vehicles to learn the city. So, rental car services are usually met everywhere in Amsterdam.

t Hotel – £100
The construction of XVII century is placed just at the most picture square city channel. Key rooms are elegantly furnished: art-decor lamps, wall-brackets, grey-brown furniture, snow-white bathrooms. The average price for room is £114. By the way, there is couple of disadvantages, usual for ancient buildings: no lift and steep staircase. t Hotel contains no more than 8 key rooms.

Piet Hein – £105
Piet Hein is a luxury hotel, built in ХIХ century not far from Museum of Van Gogh. There is a beautiful hall with a big bar, traditionally decorated with tulips, leather sofas, coffee tables, and Internet terminal apparatus. What is the most exciting is sea theme: black-and-white yachts, modern bedrooms, decorated similarly to passenger rooms in a big liner.
Choosing this hotel, you should specify, which of hotel departments you prefer: mansard of standard key room. There about 60 rooms for your attention.

Hotel Arena Amsterdam

Canal House – £107
This kind of hotel is typical for Amsterdam – the most old-fashioned. It consists of two separate constructions, built in XVII century. Numerous corridors and bedrooms are full of different interesting things: statues, pictures, plants, flowers, prints. £107 – is a price for the cheapest apartments in the hotel. They are really small-sized.
The better part of the hotel rooms are furnished with antiques – their price is about £130. Canal House has no more than 26 comfortable key rooms.

Hotel Arena

Misc – £107
The name of this small hotel that was built in XVII century goes from the key rooms’ appearance. They look different. For example, the room Africa is decorated with the pictures of South Africa. The room Design is furnished with Ikea furniture. The hotel is comfortably situated not far from the Red Lights District, next to Nieuwmarkt – a city zone of cafes and restaurants.
Speaking about breakfast, you may have it in the hotel. £107 – is a price for rooms, facing to street. The rooms, facing to channel costs £14 higher. Pay attention than city channel is a noisy place.

De Filosoof – £113
The hotel creator, a prominent philosopher, has sold the hotel building to Danish company. Now, this is the right place for people, looking for peace and privacy. Single rooms are thematic – each of them is devoted to philosopher or philosophy system. There are philosophic seminars once or twice a week here. The hotel construction was built in ХIХ century, equipped with the modern terrace. There is nothing better than having breakfast in the garden!
These 10 hotels can be a nice compromise between economy and nice opportunity to feel the Amsterdam specific atmosphere. All of these hotels are comfortably situated in the prestigious city districts: not far from the channels, parks, museums. The prices are available for the cheapest hotel rooms, including breakfast. Choose the best of the best!