By Muneeb Qadar

There are billions of apps out there and you are willing to launch your own app. What is different about your app? What are you offering that distinguishes your app from others?

I have been associated with various brands who have their own apps, and I have compiled top X tips that helped them to develop the perfect app for their startups.

Tips #1: Beauty lies in the platform

Have you ever used Amazon mobile app? If not, I suggest you do.

After you have used the Amazon mobile app I would suggest ordering the same thing from the website. See the difference?

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Yes, this is what I am talking about? Beauty lies in the platform.

Whether it is Android app, iOS app or even a custom based-app for your company. You need to add elements that make the app looks good on the desired platform.

Before you jump-in to develop your first app, take a step backward and think of your target market. Learn how to target different platforms and implement your branding around those specific parameters.

It is not advisable to develop apps for one platform and ignore the orders. You need to test and run your apps on different platforms.

Tip #2: Think “Web Service” first

You will be required to develop cross-platform apps, for them to function properly you need to make your code flexible.

You need to develop code that is editable for multiple platforms. Simple code, that can help you switch among various platforms.

Built native user interfaces which will be equal for all the available platforms.

Tip #3: Know your target platform users

You need to identify your target market’s platforms. And the only way to know this is to read the user guidelines and plan your apps accordingly.

You need to read the guidelines provided by Android store and iOS guidelines. After reading these documents you will have a wealth of information on how the different platforms are using the rules to maintain the quality of the app.

Tip #4: Work on the Design

The app interface is one thing that is used to engage and connect the users with the brand.

You need to learn how to recognize the design. Many app development companies will ensure that quality design is maintained to engage the user.

If you’re not related to design, even then you need to build some understanding of the design. If you have that understanding you will be able to guide the designer on what is working for the app and what is not.

Users will automatically engage if the design is simple and easy-to-use.

Tip #5: Test often

You need to make testing, a regular part of your design.

No need to test only when the product is done. You need to test, re-test and test often.


Testing will help you pivot your app on-the-go. No need to re-develop the whole app. You will only be required to make some changes in the development.

Tip #6: Be your user

Your user will not take out time to test your app and wait for it to improve it.

Be your own user. Be your own critic. Look around, what other apps are doing, compare it to what you’re doing, and make the necessary changes for your app that will make it easy for the user to browse and use the app.

When making your app, you need to ask you one question. How will this app benefit the user?

How will that benefit the user and make their life easy? What is the problem that is being resolved in this app?

These questions might not seem anything to you now, but if you take out some time to ask these before the user asks themselves, you will be able to identify the pain point of the user and do something about it.

To end it all

You need to follow these tips if you really want to make your app stand out from the rest of the apps in the market.

Do not wait for things to happen. Make the changes that are working for your app and be consistent about it. Work on solving problems of the users.