By Escapology Qatar

To describe Doha in a simple statement, this place represents the perfect amalgam of the luxury hotels and shopping centers with the traditional Arabic roots of Qatar. The weather plays an important role in the Qatari life-style. The place comes alive mostly after the sunsets, when it comes to the hot summer season.

This is the reason why the shops and restaurants remain open till late in this season. Corniche, a waterfront walkway, by and large, makes the bay area in Doha. Among the many other places, it is a great place for strolling and jogging. Apart from the regular avenues of entertainment and fun, escape rooms are growing in popularity as a preferred fun get-away in Qatar that are fast taking over the local and cultural outings one can plan in Doha.

Here are a few of the things you can do, during your stay in this beautiful city.

1. Dine out in Doha

There are many small and inexpensive restaurants in Doha for Arabic and South Asian cuisines. Apart from these, a majority of the fast food chains are present in Doha for everyone to enjoy their food. Some of these also offer an Arabic twist to add a local flavor to their standard preparations. Pearl Qatar and the top-most hotel promise unforgettable fine-dining experiences. Also, some of the best chefs from around the world have their signature restaurants located in Doha to add to the global cuisine options in Doha.


2. Tours in Doha

While in Doha, it is worth taking an amazing half-day long tour to explore part of the desert in such short duration. Here you also get an option to do a camel ride that takes you about 100 meters through the desert and back. In the bumpy ride your driver takes you all over the sand dunes in the safari, which makes it all the more like a rollercoaster ride. Khor Al Udeid, the Inland Sea, is a good choice and a mere 90-minute drive from Doha. In it, you can have fun swimming, chilling at a barbeque or can simply watch the four-wheel-drive enthusiasts “bash” the sand dunes.

3. Shopping in Doha

Doha is a fascinating shopping destination for both, the locals and the tourists. They can easily find numerous contemporary shopping malls in Doha located not far from each other. Then, there are also some stores of the renowned international chains that sell goods imported from all parts of the world. City Centre is located at the heart of the city and a five-level mall packed with stores and a large Cineplex. Various malls in Doha including the Villagio Mall in the Aspire Zone, Landmark Mall in Gharaffa, the Gulf Mall, Ezdan mall and The Gate Mall offer a vast variety of shopping experiences to satiate the senses of all the shopaholics. The shoppers can have a different and exciting shopping experience at Souq Waqif. A market-place of traditional style, it has the sellers of a large variety of carpets, clothes, spices, souvenirs and Arabic perfumes. The street-smart shoppers can expect a lot of bargaining here. A short walk away from the Souq Waqif, is a market-place, namely the Falcon Souk, famous for selling Falcons and the associated equipment and it has many Falconry stores.

4. Key Landmarks

The Corniche is an important landmark that offers a lovely walk and scenic views along with water fountains and mobile charging stations with seating as well. The Pearl in is a man-made residential area with luxury shops, yachts & homes. This is a ‘must visit’ spot for the classy sea-side walk and fine dining or maybe, for a coffee or an ice-cream on a special outing.

5. Sacred & Religious Places 

Katara Mosque is known for its wonderful Calligraphy, freques, tiles, lightening, carpets which together make the place beautifully decorated. On top of it all, the peace in the atmosphere of this place adds a lot more to its beauty. State Grand Mosque (Abdul Wahab Mosque) is a beautiful piece of Islamic architecture located in Doha. The one word to describe it is remarkable. Because of the mesmerizing aura of its architecture, this place should definitely be visited in Doha. Apart from these, you are bound to find a guided tour through it, quite exciting. Here, the main prayer hall consists of 28 large domes and a 65-meter-tall minaret.

6. Parks & Museums

 Aspire Part is the popular-most destination for fitness enthusiasts for their morning exercise. While the Museum of Islamic Art is an interesting place to see in Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art Park is known to be the ‘Green in the desert’ which enjoys a lot of hustle and bustle specially from evenings till nights. Situated on the Corniche, it offers guided tours for the world’s best Islamic art objects. And what’s more! It is the place for the perfect shots of Doha Skyline too. Apart from these, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is one of the well-known specialty museums also worth paying a visit to. Msheireb Enrichment Centre also offer incredible specialty museum experience where the ‘Bin Jelmood House’ makes the Msheireb Museums all the more unmissable. The last but not the least in the list of museums is Qatar National Museum and Aquarium, which should not be missed even though it is undergoing renovation for past some time.

7. Adventure Special : Escape Game Rooms in Doha, Qatar

Last but not the least, the adventure lovers in the city who are interested in fun games and are always in for the exciting experiences of once in a life time kind, should venture into the places like Escapology, promising heap-loads of fun and group enjoyment in a span as short as one hour. Their state-of-the-art Escape Rooms and Games are so designed as to fill your days with unending thrill and fun at the same time. Such games are meant for the people who love to test their wits now and then, by solving interesting puzzles and riddles and at the same time, who would love to experience the thrilling escape from the special themed rooms.

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