Emiratis highest users of car washing services in the UAE


In a survey conducted by VIS, the organisers of Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (MECTW) UAE residents have their vehicles professionally cleaned on average three times a month. Emiratis on average have their automobiles cleaned four to five time a month. With the average cost of cleaning a car varying from AED 35 to AED 100, the car wash industry is set to see major growth, in the run up to Expo 2020 as more people call UAE home, along with the continuous increase in the number of cars on UAE roads.

The survey also noted that 95 percent of UAE residents living in residential buildings spend on average AED 100 a month having their cars cleaned every alternative day. This is usually done by the security guards of the building, or by other members of utility staff employed by the building owner.

Despite the special cleaning at their residence, people use professional cleaning services mainly to have the car interiors vacuumed, and to remove the dirt from the underbelly of their cars.

“Vehicle owners want their cars to look pristine and ensure it is germ-free at all times. Today there are many cost-effective techniques that can be used to improve cleanliness and air quality of your car. We have a product bactakleen, which is an evolutionary technology that allows your family to breathe cleaner air regardless where you travel, for leisure or work. The 2-in-1 bacterial treatment is extremely ecological which doesn’t exhume any harmful chemicals unlike other solutions available in the market and being unsafe. We have seen the General consensus where people are usually more careful about their home environment and what quality of the air they like to breathe. Not much attention is being paid for the similar air within our vehicle indoor environment,” commented Muhammad Asim, Business Development Manager, AutoPlus Cars Spare Part Trading L.L.C.

The survey also looked at the major cause of small to minor dents on most cars on UAE roads. 90% of people complained that dents are caused in parking lots, especially of malls, resulting from opening doors of vehicles being parked next to theirs. 5% complained about dents at residential parking lots, and another 5% admitted that dents were self-inflicted because of careless driving.

The other side of the survey saw that residents did not fix these small car dents, unless it was part of other major repair work on the cars.  However, owners of luxury cars relied on waxing tents available in select service stations to keep their cars looking pristine. Owners use this service which costs from AED 700 to AED 1000 only when they are looking to sell their cars.

“MECTW is now an established regional exhibition with a global following. Each year we make a concerted effort to introduce new and innovative sections to the exhibition. This survey clearly shows that there is an immediate need for the car wash and car care industry to make its voice heard. At MECTW we successfully connect industry professional, and this year many industry players within this sector are participating as exhibitors,” added Jayaraman Nair, Chairman, VIS Exhibitions and Conferences – organiser of MECTW.


MECTW is region’s largest event that brings together cleaning service providers, equipment, and chemicals suppliers to discuss trends and showcase green cleaning products and innovations. The event will feature new pavilions dedicated to waste management, sewerage, and sanitation, and specialised cleaning for the year 2016.  MECTW features three platforms such as Gulf Laundrex and Linen Care Expo, Gulf Car Wash and Car Care Expo as well as the Clean Middle East Pulire. The event will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13 – 15 November this year.



About MECTW:

Organised by VIS Exhibitions, ‘Middle East Cleaning Technology Week’ (MECTW) is the region’s first ever global forum that unites the cleaning and hygiene industry. An extension of Clean Middle East Pulire, MECTW has been conceptualised with the objective of focusing attention on creating a sustainable future by bringing all facets of the cleaning industry under a single umbrella. The event offers a platform to promote scientific cleaning practices, latest products, technologies and services to potential buyers in the MENA region.  Visit: www.mectw.com