Walmart India

Walmart stores in India may not look like anything out of the ordinary from the outside, but the interior of the stores couldn’t be more different from U.S. counterparts.

Indian Walmart stores have strict membership rules, locally sourced fruits and vegetables and sacks instead of shopping bags. 

All of these differences have been incorporated by Walmart managers to appeal to foreign customers — and it has become the key to their success abroad.

Here’s a look at what it is like to shop at Walmart in India.

The first Walmart in India opened in 2009.
Nikita Mandhani/ Business Insider
Locally known as Best Price, the stores may look similar to their counterparts in the US, but they operate quite differently.
Nikita Mandhani/ Business Insider
Walmart in India has adapted to the demands of its customers by providing items based on their needs.
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